Thoughts on Finding Software Engineering Internships and Interviewing

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Starting Out


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The Interview Process

Data structures and algorithms are important for interviews!


My Experience During Junior Year

  1. I interviewed directly with members of the team I was being placed on and had good vibes
  2. I could see myself making an impact due to there given the size of the engineering team and the small internship class size, of which I was the only one working on DevOps.
  3. At the time there was still a possibility floating in the air of it taking place in-person at NYC, which is a cool place to be.
  4. I believe in optimizing for learning when it comes to choosing positions. Having spent most of my time working on more customer-facing features and typical full-stack shenanigans at my current role, I thought this was a good chance to expand my skills as an engineer and explore a role in infrastructure. Frankly, I don’t have much experience in this area, but am excited to learn and grow a bunch in the near future.
  1. Both companies have incredible growth potential
  2. They provide opportunities to learn from extremely capable and ambitious engineers
  3. I find the product spaces super interesting

Closing Thoughts




I code stuff.

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Kevin Guo

Kevin Guo

I code stuff.

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